Wall Stands

Wall Stands are Available for 24”, 30” and 36” Wheels and may be substituted for the regular stand at no additional charge or added for total flexibility.

Big Spin Style Wheels

We can convert your Wheel to the Big Spin Lotto Style Wheel that uses a standard Ping Pong Ball to determine the winning prize or number. Complete with Plexi Glass Cover and Ball.

Logo Plates
Some logos are best viewed with no obstruction from the center Bearing Housing. Our standard round logo plates come in 12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, 24” and 30” sizes. Of course, we can further customize the logo plate to match the logo shape like the accompanying photo of the job we did for Coors Light.

Double Wheels

We can help you with specialty Double Wheels like the one shown for Wink Radio that is used to select Birthdays and other date determined winners.


We can produce overlays that cover the entire wheel like the Best Foods overlay shown or just for each individual section.

Magnetic Wheels

If you want to place magnets on your Wheel we can even add a layer of sheet metal directly under the graphic. Then you can stick prize labels directly on the front with small magnets.

Sometimes you may need a betting Lay-down to match you Wheel. We can make just about any size full color lay down that you may require. Just tell us what you need!

Convention Quality Shipping Case

If you are traveling a lot from show to show it may make sense to protect your Wheel with a convention quality case. We work with a Case Company to provide you with a perfect solution that will last for years. Both wheel and stand will fit neatly inside your new case.

31" Plastic Prize Wheel
31" Heavy Duty Plastic Prize Wheel with 12 sections. This wheel is all ready to ship to you today. The all metal tripod stand adjusts from table to floor height at no extra charge. It is designed for heavy use and quick changes to the prize names. It comes with MS Word and Adobe Illustrator templates so that you can customize the sections and logo yourself! The all black background helps your message stand out clearly.

Official PayPal Seal
Normal production time for a prize wheel is two to three weeks. Please call us with your order if you need faster service. Thank you!
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